The purpose of the #JOU314Hunt assignment was about more than just getting us adjusted to using Twitter as means of a branding outlet; it was meant to get us used to interacting with people and our community as well. The scavenger hunt that we had to do was a list of ten things, some of which were: take a picture of your favorite restaurant (on or off campus), take a picture of the most scenic spot on campus, take a picture of something innovative in learning on campus, take a video of someone showing school spirit, take a video of what a professor at Missouri Western thinks about social media, etc. Similar to the last Twitter assignment, this one focused on Missouri Western and issues surrounding it.

Social media is a the most prime way to get information out in the world and also receive information and Twitter is a great example. Take the Boston bombing for example: Soon after it happened, people were wanting answers. They turned to the various news networks to try and get those answers but the all the networks were wrong. Their sources weren’t credible and you could turn to 3 different news channels and all of them would give you a different description of what happened. The only source of information you could get that was accurate about the bombing was from Twitter (of all places). How could a social media platform be the only source of correct information, you might ask? Well here’s how- it’s social media! Right after the event happened, you not only had people in other states tweeting about what happened, but there were people right there in Boston that were tweeting, some probably that were actually at the marathon and saw it all go down. Learn to trust primary sources because secondary sources, especially if its soon after a story happened, are bound to give you wrong information.

As far as the assignment goes though, I saw the relevant intention behind it because as a journalist we need to be able to interact with people, obtain quotes and post to social media since that’s what the world has become. I didn’t really get to do all of the ten, but I really wish I had. I would have really enjoyed talking with a professor and getting their view because I feel like that would have given me the most out of the assignment. The ones that I did I could have done on any day at any time, but the ones about talking to professors and talking to students would have given me more fulfillment and understanding of what it’s like to talk to strangers and get their opinions.