For my social media class, we had to utilize snapchat by doing a 20 snap “snap story”and I chose to do mine over the Walter Cronkite Memorial that we have here on campus. I mulled this assignment over so much because I, for the life of me, could not figure out a newsworthy enough topic!! I thought about many different things that just never panned out, but last minute I was thinking about campus and Walter Cronkite popped into my head. That’s when I knew I had found my newsworthy topic.

Last semester I had a media class where we had to write a 500 word analysis over the Walter Cronkite Memorial here on campus. If I hadn’t had that class, I would have never explored the Memorial, let me just say that right now. But when going through the Memorial taking notes for class, I really got interested in who Cronkite was and how he came from this town. I never knew that about him. It gave me hope that if such a great journalist like that came from St. Joe, then maybe someday another great journalist could come from St.Joe (namely me).

So when this snap story assignment came about and I thought of doing it over Walter Cronkite, I actually thought about how crazy it was that the Memorial wasn’t my initial idea. There’s nothing more newsworthy doing a snap story over than Walter Cronkite, at least in my mind. Therefore, while actually taking snaps for my snap story I became even more confident in my idea because my story was piecing together nicely. I even took more than twenty snaps, which I never thought would happen seeing as how I was initially dreading this assignment. 

All in all though, I’m glad I did my snap story over the Cronkite Memorial because I would love for people who see my story on Youtube to learn more about him and also about the great things Missouri Western has to offer and the Memorial being just one of many.