• Paul Dijkzeul profile: This was my first copy assignment for Griffon Yearbook. It was a little overwhelming having to interview someone for the first time, but it went better than anticipated. The interview itself went fine, it was just writing the story that was really hard for me. I stayed up nearly all night writing it because putting facts and quotes together into a story was new for me and not really my style- but I got through it and learned a lot from it.

paul dijkzeul profile final_Heather Groenke

  • Renovations story: This was actually a lot easier to do because I had four sources, therefore a lot of quotes (which is always nice). This story was probably a little longer than it should have been, but I enjoyed writing it.

missouri western renovations yearbook

  • 48 Hr Film Festival: I really enjoyed writing this story because I had never experienced a film festival before and it was all very new to me. I like getting involved in new things and meeting new people and the showing for the film festival was definitely out of my comfort zone, but I really enjoyed getting to see all the many different talents displayed through these films.

film festival copy draft

  • Women’s Basketball Team: This is one story that I did not enjoy writing. First off, I hate writing about sports and when it came to getting interviews for this story, I could not get any of the coaches to respond to me. Only one coach and one player got back to me, and that was after two weeks of the story being overdue. This was probably my worst copy story of the semester.

women’s basketball copy draft

  • Albrecht-Kemper Museum: I actually asked to to a story over the museum because I really enjoy the Albrecht-Kemper and I was already doing a package over it for Griffon Update so I already knew everything there was to know about the museum.

yearbook albrecht kemper draft

  • “Ferguson Talks”: This is the most recent copy I’ve done and I didn’t particularly enjoy writing it. I had to attend the two hour seminar about the Ferguson shooting case and it was interesting, but there was so much info given that it was hard to write a story where I could only say so much.

ferguson talks copy


  • Keah basketball pictures: This was my first photo assignment where I had to take photos of Keah Baez, a player for the Griffon women’s basketball team. We were doing a profile on her so I got lots of shots of her shooting, etc.

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  • Living with Accents photos: This was the second photo assignment I had to do and I ran into some problems. After the seminar, I was ready to take pictures when my SD card screwed up… I barely got any photos. I definitely learned a lesson with this assignment (always carry a back-up SD card).

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  • Jomel Nichols pictures: This was my most recent photo assignment and it was a profile over Missouri Western’s new public relations and marketing director, Jomel Nichols. I couldn’t get as many pictures as I wanted because she had to get to a meeting, but for the most part this assignment went pretty well.

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  • Albrecht-Kemper museum photos: When I wrote the copy for the Albrecht-Kemper museum, I decided to take the photos, too.

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Nick Cannon show: I had to do the Nick Cannon photos and I didn’t really know what to expect since I didn’t know who he was, and the show was alright, but I did enjoy getting some good shots of the show. My pictures would have turned out better had I known a few things then that I know now, but overall I was happy with how my pictures turned out.

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Marching Band photos: These had to be sent to me from director Nathan Gay, but he didn’t really send me the pictures of just the marching band so I’m just not going to include them.

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Joy of Dancing photos: This was my last story of the semester. I was surprised when I got there because I expected it to be more of a competition, but it was just random groups from different churches dancing and I thought it was really cool. Apparently it was their 11th year of putting on this show.