Chapters 6 and 7 in Social Media for Journalists talk about the idea of citizen and collaborative journalism and how they, together, influence the reach in today’s market of readers.

“Citizen journalism was a movement that started in the USA as a response to a specific set of circumstances: the rise of corporate news media in the last decade of the twentieth century, and the overall lack of trust in journalists that was prevalent in the USA at the time.”

User-generated content and citizen journalism go hand in hand as user-generated content is raw news material that is given to a news outlet by the public for use within their own news product. User-generated deals more with creating mainstream news whereas citizen journalism does not.

User-generated content also plays a part in collaborative journalism because it is key to news outlets making the most out of their community as credible and helpful sources. Collaborative journalism is way more open and transparent as they are taking their efforts to the people in order to disperse better news content, overall.


Effective citizen journalism:


    1. This article talks about the rise of citizen journalism. This article is about filmmakers and how they feel about how citizen journalism has played a role in their marketing. Citizen journalism doesn’t have to play just a part in hard hitting national news.
    1. I loved this article because it talked about citizen journalism and how ordinary people are dominating the news. This article gave numerous past circumstances where citizen journalism was absolutely necessary and even a prime part of the story. It talked about the benefits of the community taking their smart phones and filming something news worthy and also the downfalls of the community as journalists because they may not care/maintain ethics like professional journalists are trained to do.Citizen_Journalism copy
    1. This article was very beneficial when talking about citizen journalism because, like the others, they used past events to make their point but they emphasized that news coverage is a partnership anymore because of social media and technology making news easy for citizens to have a hand in.

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Effective collaborative journalism:


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  1. All these articles talk about collaborative journalism and ways that it can be effective and taught since it is becoming so prevalent in journalism today.