The link you see posted above is that of an assignment I recently completed for my social media class at Missouri Western State University. Now I know what you’re thinking; “Why the hell should I read some college kid’s homework assignment?” Well here’s why: WordPress is a blogging site where thousands of people pour out their souls daily and for some it may be just a hobby where they can conveniently allow their thoughts to flow and that’s okay. But for others, however, WordPress is a stage used to showcase their skills with the hope of one day being “discovered” and eventually paid to do what they love, which is write. This is the audience of whom I am primarily targeting with this post because what you’re about to read is crucial information if you ever want to get to that place of being paid to write (which come on now, is every writer’s dream).

Now if you’re like me then you have never heard of the concept “professionally branding yourself”. Maybe you have, I don’t know. All I know is that I hadn’t until I got into my 314 Social Media class, the birthplace of professional branding (as I like to call it). When I say ‘brand’ I mean creating and mainaining a name for yourself through the use of social media so as not to remain a diamond in the rough. You could very possibly be a diamond but people will never know it unless you take the initiative and make them see YOU for the unique and talented writer that you are. Now how do you do that you might ask? By using each and every social media outlet at your disposal.

Becoming well-acquainted with Twitter was really the entire focus of the assignemt, but I gotta say, while compiling those twenty tweets from my fellow Missouri Western lovers, I really started to get an understanding of what it means to brand yourself. You see, while posting other people’s quotes on my twitter feed, I simultaneously was personalizing each one to fit my individual style. And I suppose that’s why this class is so interactive because this branding concept is really hard to explain until you’re actually out there on social media publicizing yourself. And once you start you don’t want to stop because you’re seeing the purpose, you imagine the potential and you honestly feel like time is passing you by because there’s so much to do and so many opportunities.

At first this Twitter assignment was completely unappealing to me but once I started doing it, I immediately saw the propensity behind it. This class in just a short time has lit a fire in me and to those of you that aspire to make a hobby a career, I urge you to create a professional Twitter, create a professional Facebook because there are so many writers out there: make yourself unique by comparison and yourself a personal brand because if you don’t utilize social media to your advantage and someone else out there does, it will be their dreams coming true instead of yours.